Leland Auslender

"Eroticism is firstly a search for pleasure, a perception of the divine state, which is infinite delight."- Kama Sutra

Auslender's prize-winning films depict transcendental or "peak" experiences of our oneness with the mystical universe. Influences include the ecstatic poems of Rumi; the love, life, and artistry of his late wife Taki; the death of his 3-year-old son, and experiences with entheogenic substances such as LSD.

His films have been honored at Venice, Bergamo, New York, Houston, San Francisco and Cannes international film festivals, receiving numerous awards including "One of Ten Best," from the Photographic Society of America's International Cinema Competition, the Silver Phoenix from the Atlanta International festival, a Gold Remi from WorldFest Houston competition, and three CINE Gold Eagles.

"The Birth of Aphrodite," recognized for its multiple superimposed liquid images filmed with distorting mirrors, led to the development of Auslender's present passion, a unique optical process that transforms rectangular photographic images into swirling prismatic visions floating inside a sphere. These "Celestial Images," frozen in timeless beauty, suggest the divine nature of the universe as mirrored in us.

With degrees from Cal Tech and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Auslender has worked as a film producer, director, writer and cinematographer for pioneering organizations such as the Hughes Aircraft Company, U.S. Navy, NBC-TV and ABC-TV.
He is currently producing a full-length musical comedy.