Victor Faccinto

Victor Faccinto began making 16mm animated films during the late 1960s in California. He moved to NYC in 1974 where he continued his work as a filmmaker and painter. Between 1972 and 1974 his early "Video Vic" animated films were included in the New American Filmmaker's Series at the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as numerous national film festivals. In 1975 he was selected for a Cineprobe screening at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Between 1994 and 2009 he developed and exhibited Multi-screen, 16mm film projection performances. In 2007 he began experimenting with digital video, developing techniques used to create Video Constructions, a series of work in progress. Faccinto currently lives in North Carolina where he was director of the Hanes Art Gallery at Wake Forest University from 1978 until his retirement in 2012.

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