Coni Beeson

"After studying at UC Berkeley (BS in History), Coni Beeson started her career as a photojournalist and still photographer with the Western Pacific Mileposts, and as a freelance photographer. According to a 1974 article in the Pacific Sun (a local paper) "she was tired of the photographs that other people made for her articles and she thought she could do better, so she began to freelance in photojournalism. When she returned to the Bay Area she started doing work for artists and galleries." The author described Coni as a 'provocateur.' A sample of Coni's clients included Political Activist Friends of the River, artist/weaver Barbara Shawcroft, musician Carlos Santana, auto racer Rex Ramsey, and dancer Anna Halprin, among others. Most of Coni's films focus either around nudes and erotica or social justice and counterculture." (Kim Beeson)

Quotes by Coni Beeson:

"... the photographed image, still photography, films, video tape. The catching of momentary time and its playback excites, absorbs and consumes my energy."

"My fascination for people is unquenchable."

"Mine is an innocent eye! The innocence of one's feelings. To make sex beautiful the way it really is, to stir or awaken feelings you already have, to tap a universal energy, to remind you of your own yearnings, your search for fulfillment, your desire to give and receive in loving, this is what (I am) about."

"I guess I am really disturbed about... the limited boundaries that people live by. I'd like to help expand them."