Tulapop Saenjaroen

Tulapop Saenjaroen is an artist and filmmaker currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. His
recent works interrogate the correlations between image production and production of
subjectivity as well as the paradoxes intertwining control and freedom in late capitalism.
In the combined narrative and essayistic manner, he lately investigates on subject matters
such as tourism, self care, and free labor through re-making and re-reading the produced
images and their networks. Saenjaroen received his MFA in Fine Art Media from the Slade
School of Fine Art and MA in Aesthetics and Politics from CalArts.

Saenjaroen's works have been shown in exhibitions and screenings internationally
including Locarno Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Short Film
Festival Oberhausen, Images Festival Toronto, Image Forum Tokyo, Curtas Villa do
Conde, CROSSROADS at SFMOMA, FICVALDIVIA Chile, Asia Culture Center Gwangju,
25FPS Zagreb, Kasseler DokFest, Vancouver International Film Festival, Harvard Film
Archive, Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Open City Documentary
London, Athens International Film +Video Festival, 100 Tonson Gallery, Display Gallery
Prague, NUS Museum Singapore, Seoul International New Media Festival,
Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, etc.; and won awards from Winterthur,
Jakarta, Moscow, and Thailand.