Priyanka Das

Priyanka Das was born in India and is currently living in New York City. She is a transdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, writer, and curator. Her works aim to ignite thoughts, feelings, and emotions that delve deep into the essence of "otherness" mediated by somatic, psychic, and cerebral intimate lived experiences and historic collective moments, memory, and imagination. Her works penetrate our daily lived experiences to re-familiarize us with our immediate surroundings and beyond. She calls this process of re-familiarisation an opening to the consciousness of the hearts. Her works have been shown at Cannes, Clermont Ferrand, Berlin underground, LA underground, Queens Museum, Filmmakers Coop NY, and many more. Currently, she is curating for an ongoing transdisciplinary exhibition series, "Bookmarks of Discomfort" in New York City.