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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Tree of Knowledge (Elective Affinities, Part IV) "It started with filming the tree. Something was r... Larry Gottheim 1981 Digital File COLOR SOUND 57 mins
Nobody's Business Alan Berliner takes on his reclusive father as the... Alan Berliner 1996 16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 60 mins
  Natural History From there to here ... from then to now.

The so...
Alan Berliner 1983 16mm film COLOR SOUND 13 mins
Myth in the Electric Age Themes of earth, air, fire and water amidst the rh... Alan Berliner 1981 16mm film COLOR SOUND 14 mins
Intimate Stranger INTIMATE STRANGER is the story of my grandfather J... Alan Berliner 1991 16mm film COLOR/B&W SOUND 60 mins
Family Album, The THE FAMILY ALBUM is a one-hour experimental docume... Alan Berliner 1986 16mm film B&W OPT 60 mins
Everywhere at Once EVERYWHERE AT ONCE is a musical montage, a synchro... Alan Berliner 1985 16mm film COLOR SOUND 10 mins
City Edition "The newspaper page ... you have very loud and noi... Alan Berliner 1980 16mm film B&W SOUND 10 mins
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