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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
The Enigmatic Cinema of Joseph Cornell, Pt. 1 - Joseph Cornell Amateur film enthusiast and collage artist Joseph ...   1927-1938 Digital File B&W SOUND 21 mins
The Hearts of Age - Orson Welles Co-makers: Orson Welles and William Vance
  1934 Digital File B&W SOUND 9 mins
The Tell-Tale Heart - Charles Klein Maker: Charles Klein
Photography: Leon Shamroy
  1928 Digital File B&W SOUND 25 mins
Tomato Is Another Day - J.S. Watson, Jr. Alternate titles: Tomatoes Another Day, It Never H...   1930-1933 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Westinghouse Works Panorama Views - G.W. "Billy" Bitzer 2 films:
Panorama View Street Car Motor Room, Wes...
  1904 Digital File B&W SILENT 6 mins
Manhatta - #1 - 2K digital restoration, music 2008 - Charles Sheeler, Paul Strand Alternate title: "New York the Magnificent", "Fumé...   1920-1921 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
Manhatta - #2 - SD restored 2001, music 2005 - Charles Sheeler, Paul Strand Alternate title: "New York the Magnificent", "Fumé...   1920-1921 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
Edison Butterfly [Serpentine] Dance Co-makers: Creator unknown
Production: Edison Man...
  1895 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 2 mins
"Seeing the World," Part One: A Trip to New York, N.Y. - Rudy Burckhardt Maker: Rudy Burckhardt
Original Format: 16mm sile...
  1937 Digital File B&W SOUND 11 mins
A Bronx Morning - Jay Leyda Maker: Jay Leyda
Assisted by Leo Hurwitz
  1931 Digital File B&W SOUND 15 mins
Abstract Movies - George L.K. Morris Maker and choreographer: George L.K. Morris.
  1939-1947 Digital File COLOR SOUND 12 mins
Danse Macabre - Dudley Murphy Co-makers: Dudley Murphy and Adolph Bolm
  1922 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 9 mins
Epileptic Seizures, Nos. 1-8 - Walter G. Chase Maker: Dr. Walter G. Chase
Assisted by Drs. Sprat...
  1905 Digital File B&W SILENT 22 mins
Hands - Ralph Steiner Co-makers: Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke
  1934 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
La Mer - Ovady Julber Maker: Ovady Julber
Original format: R8mm to 16mm...
  1936 Digital File B&W SOUND 17 mins
Looney Lens Series - Pas de deux - Al Brick Maker: Al Brick
Production: Fox Movietone News
  1924 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 5 mins
Parabola - Mary Ellen Bute Co-makers: Mary Ellen Bute, Theodore Nemeth, Ruthe...   1936-1938 Digital File B&W SOUND 9 mins
Pie in the Sky - Nykino Co-makers: Elia Kazan, Elmam Koolish, Molly Day Th...   1934 Digital File B&W SOUND 22 mins
Simple Destiny Abstractions - Douglass Crockwell A number of silent fragments restored 2001 and 201...   1937-1947 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 5 mins
Skyscraper Symphony - Robert Florey Maker: Robert Florey
Original format: 35mm silent...
  1929 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
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