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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Innesti Neri e Bianchi GRAFT: in horticulture, the joining together of pl... Federica Foglia 2022 Digital File COLOR SOUND 7 mins
Currents / Perpendicolare Avanti Currents / Perpendicolare Avanti is a camer... Federica Foglia 2021 Digital File COLOR SOUND 18 mins
Skyscraper Film Skyscraper Film is a camera-less handmade f... Federica Foglia 2023 Digital File COLOR SOUND 8 mins
Negative / Positive Film Negative / Positive Film is a hand-made, ca... Federica Foglia 2023 Digital File B&W SOUND 14 mins
  Apple Summer Downeast Maine camping with friends evolved into a... Holly Fisher 1974 Digital File COLOR SOUND 24 mins
  Chickenstew One of the few films I've preconceived before shoo... Holly Fisher 1978 Digital File COLOR SOUND 11 mins
  From The Ladies Filmed in the multiple-mirrored women's powder roo... Holly Fisher 1977 Digital File COLOR SOUND 20 mins
  Glass Shadows Shadows is a sensual formalistic diary, fil... Holly Fisher 1976 Digital File COLOR SOUND 13.5 mins
  Soft Shoe Optical printing links East with West within a mos... Holly Fisher 1987 Digital File COLOR SOUND 21 mins
  This Is Montage Inspired by a passage from Sergei Eisenstein's ... Holly Fisher 1978 Digital File COLOR SILENT 7 mins
  A Question of Sunlight Recorded in the shadow of the Trade Towers only mo... Holly Fisher 2019 Digital File COLOR SOUND 82 mins
  2 x 2 2 x 2 came about by chance when I arbitrari... Holly Fisher 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 32 mins
  Buffalo Diaries An assemblage of sequences of water buffalo and re... Holly Fisher 2008 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 31 mins
  Bullets for Breakfast "... with the beauty of early Rauschenberg but wit... Holly Fisher 1992 Digital File COLOR SOUND 77 mins
  Deafening Silence "Deafening Silence is a fusion of beauty an... Holly Fisher 2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 118 mins
  Everywhere at Once "In Everywhere at Once renowned photographe... Holly Fisher 2010 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 73 mins
  Out of the Blue "Out of the Blue is a characteristically th... Holly Fisher 2021 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 90 mins
  Split Infinities: Self-Portrait Reconsidered Two films & two iPhone sketches, with 40 years bet... Holly Fisher 1976/2017 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 36 mins
  Here Today Gone Tomorrow (aka Rushlight) Here Today Gone Tomorrow (aka Rushlight) wa... Holly Fisher 1984 Digital File COLOR SILENT 54 mins
Athyrium filix-femina The second in a series of "quilt films" that pay h... Kelly Egan 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
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