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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Mnemosyne Mother of Muses A mirrored form in counter-movement, dense with em... Larry Gottheim 1987 Digital File     18 mins
Drift and Bough Super 8mm on Digital

Sachs spends a morning thi...
Lynne Sachs 2014 Digital File     6 mins
Cuadro por cuadro (Frame by Frame) by Lynne Sachs and Mark Street

In "Cuadro por c...
Lynne Sachs 2009 Digital File     8 mins
Collision of Parts A kaleidoscopic reverie recorded over a period of ... Mark Street 2010 Digital File     15 mins
Day Residue I spent a day with my mother and stepfather shooti... Lynne Sachs 2016 Digital File     3 mins
  In Memoriam (Mark LaPore, 1952-2005) Package of three films comprising the trilogy I... Phil Solomon 2007-2008 Digital File     43 mins
FILM QUARTET/POLYFRAME "FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME" is conceived as a small... Antoni Pinent 2006-2008 Digital File     9 mins
Meshes of the Afternoon - New HD silent restored version - Maya Deren Co-makers: Maya Deren, A. Hackenschmied
1943 / 15...
  1943 Digital File     15 mins
Liquid I made this film with the help of friend Timmi Har... Jon Behrens 1993 Digital File B&W SOUND 3.5 mins
Woman Powdering Herself, A (La Femme qui se Poudre) The Logic of a Nightmare

"Yet it's very much li...
Patrick Bokanowski 1972 Digital File - DCP B&W SOUND 18 mins
Mouches Volantes (Elective Affinities, Part II) "Three elements, at first quite independently, str... Larry Gottheim 1976 Digital File B&W SOUND 69 mins
Revelations "He began to recognize that motion pix could ... Dominic Angerame 2018 Digital File B&W SOUND 24 mins
Exposures Spoken word by Kelley K. Vance sound by Mary Lake ... Jon Behrens 1989 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
Duo Concertantes Animation. An established classic. Steel engraving... Lawrence Jordan 1964 Digital File B&W SOUND 9 mins
Visions of a City Originally shot in 1957 and edited in 1978.

Lawrence Jordan 1978 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Still Life With Woman and Four Objects A film portrait that falls somewhere between a pai... Lynne Sachs 1986 Digital File B&W SOUND 4 mins
Man is in Pain Original Format: 16mm

A woman reads Phi...
Lawrence Jordan 1954 Digital File B&W SOUND 4 mins
Hamfat Asar "Jordan is one of the collagists and animators of ... Lawrence Jordan 1965 Digital File B&W SOUND 15 mins
165708 Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using s... Josephine Massarella 2017 Digital File B&W SOUND 6.37 mins
Interference Interference continues the filmmaker's expe... Josephine Massarella 1990 Digital File B&W SOUND 20 mins
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