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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
  Line of Apsides Line of Apsides is the edited original of footage ... Julie Murray 2014 Digital File COLOR SILENT 9 mins
Posthaste Perennial Pattern Rapid-fire florals and morning bird songs bridge i... Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3.38 mins
Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World ...broken-hearted and mashed up.

Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 2.45 mins
Interference Interference continues the filmmaker's expe... Josephine Massarella 1990 Digital File B&W SOUND 20 mins
After Synchromy An homage and reimagining of Norman McLaren's 1971... Mark Street 2015 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
165708 Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using s... Josephine Massarella 2017 Digital File B&W SOUND 6.37 mins
Short Short
(August 2013) 16mm 4:30
CAST: Phineas, Te...
Robert Todd 2013 Digital File B&W SILENT 5 mins
Interplay Interplay
(2006) 16mm, 6:30
Appearing: The subu...
Robert Todd 2007 Digital File COLOR   7 mins
Evergreen Evergreen
(2005) 16mm, 15:30
Appearing: Tessa ...
Robert Todd 2006 Digital File COLOR SOUND 15.5 mins
Day Residue I spent a day with my mother and stepfather shooti... Lynne Sachs 2016 Digital File     3 mins
Viva and Felix Growing Up 16mm on digital

For the first three years of he...
Lynne Sachs 2015 Digital File BOTH SILENT 10 mins
Poemfield No. 1 COMPUTER ART SERIES is animated computer/graphic f... Stan VanDerBeek 1967 Digital File COLOR SILENT 5 mins
July 8th, 2016 Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. 5 police officer... Jason Halprin 2016 Digital File COLOR SILENT 4 mins
Rad Plaid A series of chromatic intersections. Audience memb... Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart Is Discordant dysfunction down to the nitty griddy.
Jodie Mack 2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
The Crack Up "The ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind... Jonathan Schwartz 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 18 mins
Fantasies Fantasies
(December, 2017) 16mm 13:30
CAST: Tes...
Robert Todd 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 13 mins
Matters of Life and Death Drifts
(July, 2017) 16mm 11:45
CAST: Living bei...
Robert Todd 2017 Digital File B&W SILENT 12 mins
  Radius Calculating the angle of awe at a gas station in r... Julie Murray 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 8 mins
  1162017 (Nov 6th 2017) A brief account of visual moments recorded at Kalo... Julie Murray 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5.5 mins
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