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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Battle Stations--A Navel Adventure Starring Bruce Conner, a Belly Dancer, a geiger co... Dominic Angerame 2002 Digital File B&W OPT 7 mins
Freedom's Skyway July 5, 1980. Summertime, San Francisco's Chinatow... Dominic Angerame 1980 Digital File B&W SILENT 6 mins
Line of Fire Sound Design: Amy Leigh Hunter

In November of 1...
Dominic Angerame 1997 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Mystery of Life (as Discovered in Los Angeles), The "If you have to beg, or steal, or borrow, Welcome ... Dominic Angerame 1982 Digital File B&W SOUND 4 mins
Liquid I made this film with the help of friend Timmi Har... Jon Behrens 1993 Digital File B&W SOUND 3.5 mins
Movement of Light At Night, The This was the first film that I collaborated with ... Jon Behrens 1996 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Seven Minutes In May I made this film using friend Kitty the fire eater... Jon Behrens 1996 Digital File COLOR SILENT 2 mins
Everywhere at Once EVERYWHERE AT ONCE is a musical montage, a synchro... Alan Berliner 1985 Digital File COLOR SOUND 10 mins
Red Book, The Sound Design by Beo Morales, engineered at Harmoni... Janie Geiser 1994 Digital File COLOR SOUND 11 mins
Au Sud (To the South) The specific colors and tones and rhythms of a pla... Sandra Davis 1991 Digital File COLOR OPT 6.5 mins
Preponderance of Evidence, A Three women telling their own stories in a non-nar... Sandra Davis 1999 Digital File COLOR OPT 46 mins
Maternal Filigree MATERNAL FILIGREE is obviously vision rising thru ... Sandra Davis 1980 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 18 mins
Une Fois Habitees (Once Inhabited) Some particular spaces, inhabited awhile ago. Look... Sandra Davis 1992 Digital File COLOR OPT 6 mins
Crepescule: Pond and Chair My brother was disabled by muscular dystrophy and ... Sandra Davis 2001 Digital File COLOR OPT 6.5 mins
A La Campagne, A Khan-Tan-Su (Into the Country, to Khan-Tan-Su) The colors and breezes of the countryside and hous... Sandra Davis 1992 Digital File COLOR OPT 2.5 mins
Fog Line "The fog lifts on a scene. For an attentive viewer... Larry Gottheim 1970 Digital File COLOR SILENT 11 mins
Machette Gillette Rapid, disjunctive images and sounds from aspects ... Larry Gottheim 1989 Digital File COLOR SOUND 45 mins
Four Shadows (Elective Affinities, Part III) Like constellations wheeling round, a double chain... Larry Gottheim 1978 Digital File COLOR SOUND 64 mins
Mouches Volantes (Elective Affinities, Part II) "Three elements, at first quite independently, str... Larry Gottheim 1976 Digital File B&W SOUND 69 mins
Barn Rushes " I noticed a play of moving light between the sla... Larry Gottheim 1971 Digital File COLOR SILENT 36 mins
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