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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Battements Solaires (Solar Beats) Walking towards the fire. In a ceaseless stream of... Patrick Bokanowski 2008 Digital File - DCP COLOR OPT 19 mins
L'Ange (The Angel) During the seventy minutes of The Angel, viewers s... Patrick Bokanowski 1982 Digital File - DCP COLOR OPT 70 mins
Un rĂªve solaire The second and latest feature film by Patrick Boka... Patrick Bokanowski 2015-2016 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 63 mins
L'imdomptable THE UNTAMEABLE : Fantastic ride
Patrick Bokanowski 2018 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 4 mins
L'envol SOAR: Choreography of an imaginary journey
Patrick Bokanowski 2018 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 8 mins
Beach (La Plage), The "There are now films like THE BEACH which belong t... Patrick Bokanowski 1992 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 13 mins
By the Lake (Au Bord du Lac) "It is true that the unidentified people being fil... Patrick Bokanowski 1994 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Dejeuner du Matin "This very short film takes us outside of time as ... Patrick Bokanowski 1974 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 12 mins
Woman Powdering Herself, A (La Femme qui se Poudre) The Logic of a Nightmare

"Yet it's very much li...
Patrick Bokanowski 1972 Digital File - DCP B&W SOUND 18 mins
165708 Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using s... Josephine Massarella 2017 Digital File B&W SOUND 6.37 mins
Posthaste Perennial Pattern Rapid-fire florals and morning bird songs bridge i... Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3.38 mins
Short Short
(August 2013) 16mm 4:30
CAST: Phineas, Te...
Robert Todd 2013 Digital File B&W SILENT 5 mins
Interplay Interplay
(2006) 16mm, 6:30
Appearing: The subu...
Robert Todd 2007 Digital File COLOR   7 mins
Evergreen Evergreen
(2005) 16mm, 15:30
Appearing: Tessa ...
Robert Todd 2006 Digital File COLOR SOUND 15.5 mins
Day Residue I spent a day with my mother and stepfather shooti... Lynne Sachs 2016 Digital File     3 mins
Viva and Felix Growing Up 16mm on digital

For the first three years of he...
Lynne Sachs 2015 Digital File BOTH SILENT 10 mins
Poemfield No. 1 COMPUTER ART SERIES is animated computer/graphic f... Stan VanDerBeek 1967 Digital File COLOR SILENT 5 mins
  Line of Apsides Line of Apsides is the edited original of footage ... Julie Murray 2014 Digital File COLOR SILENT 9 mins
  1162017 (Nov 6th 2017) A brief account of visual moments recorded at Kalo... Julie Murray 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5.5 mins
New Fancy Foils Paper sample books discarded and dumpstered by lon... Jodie Mack 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 12.5 mins
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