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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
4891 4891 is a political 1984-ish sci-fi paranoid film ... Toney W. Merritt 1970 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
50 Feet That Shook The World This stop-motion homage to the silent, Russian cla... John Cannizzaro 2003 Digital File B&W SOUND 2.5 mins
6 to 8AM Still in 2023, my longest film to date: I have rar... Toney W. Merritt 1975 Digital File B&W SOUND 30 mins
69 cents a pound Developing a new friend sometimes comes with disco... Al Wong 1969 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
7-7-94 For my babe A short film based on a polaroid sent to my mother... Paige Taul 2018 Digital File COLOR SILENT 3 mins
71 71 is about the sensibilities of the black ... Paige Taul 2022 Digital File B&W SOUND 19 mins
7362 A bilaterally symmetrical (west to east) fusion of... Pat O'Neill 1967 Digital File COLOR SOUND 10 mins
A Beginning a Middle and an End Reconstituted found footage hand painted optically... Jon Behrens 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
A Better Relationship With The Unknown An investigation of issues surrounding Scottish in... Mark Street 2022 Digital File COLOR SOUND 18 mins
A Bronx Morning - Jay Leyda Maker: Jay Leyda
Assisted by Leo Hurwitz
  1931 Digital File B&W SOUND 15 mins
A City in Four Parts This is made up from a single 100ft roll of film. ... Jon Behrens 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
A Dreadful Day A filmed adaption of the award winning short story... Toney W. Merritt 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 25 mins
A Film Containing Trees This film was the first film I shot on my newly ac... Jon Behrens 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
A Fire's Poem Fire is a living entity that requires, no demands,... Toney W. Merritt 2022 Digital File COLOR SOUND 4 mins
A Joy A collaboration with Four Tet for Everything Ecsta... Jodie Mack 2005 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
A La Campagne, A Khan-Tan-Su (Into the Country, to Khan-Tan-Su) The colors and breezes of the countryside and hous... Sandra Davis 1992 Digital File COLOR SOUND 2.5 mins
A Leaf is the Sea is a Theater 'Facts are perceptions of surfaces.'
- Susan Howe...
Jonathan Schwartz 2017 Digital File COLOR SOUND 17 mins
A Month of Single Frames Made with and for Barbara Hammer

In 1998, filmm...
Lynne Sachs 2019 Digital File COLOR SOUND 14 mins
A Mystery Inside of a Fact It arrives, in a fog, with songs, through dance or... Jonathan Schwartz 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 17 mins
A New England Document Using found footage with selected images and text ... Che Applewhaite 2020 Digital File COLOR SOUND 16 mins
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