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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Totem In tribal cultures, animals often embody poetic qu... Stacey Steers 1998 Digital File COLOR OPT 11 mins
  Micromoth A camera attached to a microscope facilitates the ... Julie Murray 2000 Digital File COLOR OPT 6 mins
Preponderance of Evidence, A Three women telling their own stories in a non-nar... Sandra Davis 1999 Digital File COLOR OPT 46 mins
Au Sud (To the South) The specific colors and tones and rhythms of a pla... Sandra Davis 1991 Digital File COLOR OPT 6.5 mins
A La Campagne, A Khan-Tan-Su (Into the Country, to Khan-Tan-Su) The colors and breezes of the countryside and hous... Sandra Davis 1992 Digital File COLOR OPT 2.5 mins
Une Fois Habitees (Once Inhabited) Some particular spaces, inhabited awhile ago. Look... Sandra Davis 1992 Digital File COLOR OPT 6 mins
Hub City "HUB CITY conflates an account of a devastating to... Bill Brown 1997 Digital File COLOR OPT 15 mins
Confederation Park "In the voice-over to his most recent film, CONFED... Bill Brown 1999 Digital File COLOR OPT 32 mins
Fourth Watch, The Music by Tom Recchion.

The ancient Greeks divid...
Janie Geiser 2000 Digital File COLOR OPT 10 mins
Lost Motion Music by Tom Recchion.

LOST MOTION uses small c...
Janie Geiser 1999 Digital File COLOR OPT 11 mins
Battle Stations--A Navel Adventure Starring Bruce Conner, a Belly Dancer, a geiger co... Dominic Angerame 2002 Digital File B&W OPT 7 mins
L'Ange (The Angel) During the seventy minutes of The Angel, viewers s... Patrick Bokanowski 1982 Digital File - DCP COLOR OPT 70 mins
  Consume Starring Zhanna. Pomolusya ("I Will Pray") Ukrania... Dominic Angerame 2003 Digital File COLOR/B&W OPT 12 mins
Private Movie This love story in three parts recounts the amorou... Naomi Uman 2000 Digital File B&W OPT 6 mins
Buffalo Common Brown's "Buffalo Common," a wisp of a film at 23 m... Bill Brown 2001 Digital File B&W OPT 23 mins
Waterlight Among the wanderings that began in the 1950's was ... Lawrence Jordan 1957 Digital File COLOR OPT 8 mins
Anathema Doubt assails the doctor and his assistants, who, ... Julie Murray 1995 Digital File COLOR OPT 7 mins
Portrait of Sharon Beat Era poets, Kirby Doyle and Sharon (DiDi) Morr... Lawrence Jordan 1963 Digital File COLOR OPT 9 mins
Postcard from San Miguel The mystery and the beauty of Mexico's high desert... Lawrence Jordan 1996 Digital File COLOR OPT 11 mins
Across the Border "The film is a collage of found footage, and docum... Dana Plays 1982 Digital File COLOR OPT 8 mins
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