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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Oil and Water   Corwin Fergus 2005 DVD COLOR SOUND 26 mins
Eye for Eye, Ear for Ear   Takahiko Iimura 2009 DVD COLOR SOUND 20 mins
Marjory's Diary   Richard Myers 2003 DVD COLOR SOUND 30 mins
Rockaway   Mark Street 2005 DVD COLOR SOUND 75 mins
Three Film Portraits: Akbar, Bill and Ruby, DA   Richard Myers 1973 DVD COLOR/B&W   94 mins
Tarp, Zocolo, Wood Assemblange   Richard Myers 1962 DVD COLOR   49 mins
  Down the Road   Walter Ungerer 2005 DVD COLOR SOUND 94 mins
  Performanc/Myself in Camera   Takahiko Iimura 1972-95 DVD COLOR SOUND 29 mins
Diary 1974-1975   Robert Huot 1974-1978 DVD BOTH SILENT 67 mins
Sound Movie   Robert Huot 1972/2005 DVD COLOR SOUND 9 mins
Third One Year Movie   Robert Huot 1972 DVD COLOR SILENT 65 mins
10 Short Films (Volume 3) "XY Chromosome Project" 12 min. 2007
"The Small ...
Lynne Sachs 2007 DVD COLOR SOUND 65 mins
Yoko Ono: This is Not Here A document of the Yoko Ono retrospective art show... Takahiko Iimura 1971 DVD COLOR SOUND 19 mins
Seeing/Hearing/Speaking A multimedia DVD with text, video, graphics, and ... Takahiko Iimura 2002 DVD     60 mins
  Kore/Kouros A study of the male and female nude; in honor of ... Gary Adlestein 1987 DVD COLOR SOUND 10.5 mins
Spectres of the Spectrum Spectres of the Spectrum is a feature-length 16mm... Craig Baldwin 2000 DVD COLOR/B&W OPT 93 mins
Cine Dance: The Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata This DVD contains "Anma (The Masseur)" (1963) b&w... Takahiko Iimura 1963-1965 DVD     33 mins
Early Conceptual Videos This DVD contains following 5 videos in excerpts.... Takahiko Iimura 1970-1977 DVD     23 mins
Barn Rushes " I noticed a play of moving light between the sla... Larry Gottheim 1971 DVD COLOR SILENT 36 mins
Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: Selected Videopoems and Poetry by Alexis Krasilovsky " impressive collection by an accomplished mu... Alexis Krasilovsky 1975-2008 DVD COLOR SOUND 35 mins
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