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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Entr'acte III An exquisite animation which lifts off and proceed... Lawrence Jordan 2017 DVD-R COLOR OPT 1.5 mins
  Entr'acte II In ENTR'ACTE II the walls come tumbling down. The... Lawrence Jordan 2015 DVD-R COLOR SOUND 2 mins
Entr'acte A series of Vaudeville acts inserted between the l... Lawrence Jordan 2013 DVD COLOR OPT 3 mins
Pink Swine Original Format: 16mm

In the dada tradit...
Lawrence Jordan 1963 DVD B&W SOUND 3 mins
Big Sur: The Ladies An "in-camera" document or journalistic writing on... Lawrence Jordan 1966 DVD COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Small Ones, The During World War II, the United States Army hired ... Lynne Sachs 2006 DVD COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Culture, this Period is Considered "Culture, this period is considered" is video poem... Brice Bowman 2011 DVD-R COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Rodia-Estudiantina Simon Rodia, an uneducated Italian immigrant in Lo... Lawrence Jordan 1963 DVD COLOR SOUND 4 mins
Man is in Pain Original Format: 16mm

A woman reads Phi...
Lawrence Jordan 1954 DVD-R B&W SOUND 4 mins
Same Stream Twice 16mm on DVD

My daughter's name is Maya. I've be...
Lynne Sachs 2012 DVD COLOR/B&W SOUND 4 mins
  Say What Long married couple Daniel and Judith have no need... Tom Palazzolo 2013 DVD COLOR SOUND 4 mins
Starfish Aorta Colossus Poetry watches film. Film reads poetry. Paolo Javi... Lynne Sachs 2015 DVD COLOR SOUND 4.5 mins
Swan's Island Original Format: 16mm

by Bill Brand a...
Bill Brand 2005 DVD-R     5 mins
Sicómoro Original Format: HD

Text by Carolina ...
Bill Brand 2011 DVD-R     5 mins
De Luce 1: Vegetare This title is available to rent together with D... Janis Crystal Lipzin 2009 DVD COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Atalanta 32 years Later A retelling of the age-old fairy tale of the beau... Lynne Sachs 2006 DVD COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Don Fidencio An intimate portrait of an old blind Oaxacan music... Sergio Batiz 2001 DVD-R COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Doll with Hole A sensual journey on the complications of innocenc... Brice Bowman 2003 DVD-R B&W SILENT 5 mins
Trumpit Ostensibly it's a card game played on the body of ... Lawrence Jordan 1956 DVD B&W OPT 6 mins
Grain Graphics Print Restored by the Academy of Motion Pictures A... Dana Plays 1978 DVD COLOR SOUND 6 mins
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