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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Day Residue I spent a day with my mother and stepfather shooti... Lynne Sachs 2016 Digital File     3 mins
Evergreen Evergreen
(2005) 16mm, 15:30
Appearing: Tessa ...
Robert Todd 2006 Digital File COLOR SOUND 15.5 mins
Interplay Interplay
(2006) 16mm, 6:30
Appearing: The subu...
Robert Todd 2007 Digital File COLOR   7 mins
Short Short
(August 2013) 16mm 4:30
CAST: Phineas, Te...
Robert Todd 2013 Digital File B&W SILENT 5 mins
165708 Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using s... Josephine Massarella 2017 Digital File B&W SOUND 6.37 mins
After Synchromy An homage and reimagining of Norman McLaren's 1971... Mark Street 2015 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Interference Interference continues the filmmaker's expe... Josephine Massarella 1990 Digital File B&W SOUND 20 mins
Under The Atmosphere Filmed on the Central Florida "Space Coast", site ... Mike Stoltz 2014 Digital File COLOR OPT 15 mins
Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World ...broken-hearted and mashed up.

Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 2.45 mins
Posthaste Perennial Pattern Rapid-fire florals and morning bird songs bridge i... Jodie Mack 2010 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3.38 mins
Lilly Animated photo-negatives illustrate a WWII tragedy... Jodie Mack 2007 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6.1 mins
Culture, this period is considered In reference to Theodor Adorno's book "The Culture... Brice Bowman 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 9 mins
Hidden in Plain Sight Original music composed by Jane Scarpatoni and Guy... Mark Street 2008 Digital File COLOR SOUND 60 mins
16-18-4 This film was shot by a still camera with 16 lense... Tomonari Nishikawa 2008 Digital File COLOR SILENT 2.5 mins
Discoveries on the Forest Floor 1-3 Three Miniature, Illuminated, Heliographic studies... Charlotte Pryce 2007 Digital File COLOR SILENT 5 mins
Third One Year Movie   Robert Huot 1972 Digital File COLOR SILENT 65 mins
Shibuya-Tokyo As a following sequence of Tokyo - Ebisu, this fil... Tomonari Nishikawa 2010 Digital File COLOR OPT 10 mins
Solar Sight II Many of the approaches to the cut-out material are... Lawrence Jordan 2012 Digital File COLOR OPT 10 mins
Black and White Trypps Number Three "...a filmic portrait of secular rapture that hark... Ben Russell 2007 Digital File COLOR OPT 12 mins
De Luce 1: Vegetare This title is available to rent together with D... Janis Crystal Lipzin 2009 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
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