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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Lot in Sodom - #2 - Censored 1.20 print - J.S. Watson, Jr. Lot in Sodom (1930-32, released 1933)
Co-makers: ...
  1930-1933 Digital File B&W SOUND 27 mins
Oramunde - Emlen Etting Complete title: Oramunde: An Etude on the Theme of...   1933 Digital File B&W SOUND 12 mins
Soul of the Cypress - #2 - Mystery Version - Interpolated explicit scenes - Dudley Murphy Explicit heterosexual content - black and white sc...   1920-1938 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 14 mins
Spook Sport - Mary Ellen Bute Alternate title: Mary Ellen Bute#s Spook Sport, A ...   1939 Digital File COLOR SOUND 9 mins
Surf and Seaweed - Ralph Steiner Maker: Ralph Steiner
Original format: 35mm silent...
  1929-1930 Digital File B&W SOUND 15 mins
Suspense - Lois Weber Co-makers: Lois Weber, Philips Smalley
  1913 Digital File B&W SOUND 11 mins
The Bridge - Charles Vidor Alternate title: The Spy
Maker: Charles Vidor
  1929 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 11 mins
The City - 3 sequences - Ralph Steiner The City - 3 excerpts: The Industiral City - Pitts...   1939 Digital File B&W SOUND 17 mins
The Enigmatic Cinema of Joseph Cornell, Pt. 2 - Joseph Cornell Artist Joseph Cornell made not only collages and b...   1936-1943 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 23 mins
The Life and Death of 9413 - A Hollywood Extra - Robert Florey, Slavko Vorkapich Co-makers: Robert Florey and Slavko Vorkapich
  1927 Digital File B&W SOUND 14 mins
Tilly Losch in Her Dance of the Hands - Norman Bel Geddes Maker: Norman Bel Geddes
Original format: 16mm si...
  1930-1934 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Ballet Mechanique - #2 - SD restored 2001, 2005 - Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy Alternate title: Ballet mécanique, Images Mobile
  1923-1924 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 17 mins
Knee Jerk Knee Jerk is a moving image work that was m... Kerry Laitala 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Madison, October 2010 This film uses the form of a single cartridge of s... Bill Basquin 2011 Digital File COLOR SILENT 3 mins
Around The film consists of three 360-degree landscape sh... Bill Basquin 2013 Digital File COLOR SILENT 5 mins
Lulu Faustine A miracle happened: summer came ahead of time. To ... Stephen Broomer 2020 Digital File COLOR SOUND 65 mins
Adieu Beausejour A farewell to our family's country home in Ste. Ag... Joel Singer 1975 Digital File B&W SILENT 3 mins
Breakdown A 360 degree pan breaks down as the narrator's mem... Joel Singer 1974 Digital File B&W SOUND 3 mins
Last Words "Please share with us a word or a sentence you wou... Joel Singer 2019 Digital File COLOR SOUND 28 mins
Ujan Mas (Golden Rain) Set to a very energetic Balinese Gamelan piece tit... Joel Singer 2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5.5 mins
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