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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Erika: Not in Vain Executive Producer: Nickolai Tehin

"Makes Testa...
Barry Spinello 1983 Digital File COLOR SOUND 46 mins
Empire A re-make of Andy Warhol's Empire from high... Phil Solomon 2008-2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 48 mins
Twin Peaks Twin Peaks was preserved by UC Berkeley Art... Al Wong 1977 Digital File COLOR SOUND 50 mins
Critical Mass Shot on Super 8 and blown up to 16mm for a dreamli... John Cannizzaro 1996 Digital File COLOR SOUND 50 mins
O'er the Land With the excuse of freedom, we lose so many thi... Deborah Stratman 2009 Digital File COLOR SOUND 52 mins
Taboo (The Single and the LP) "Abner L. Fuqua clears his throat and I get mad an... Curt McDowell 1981 Digital File B&W SOUND 53 mins
  Here Today Gone Tomorrow (aka Rushlight) Here Today Gone Tomorrow (aka Rushlight) wa... Holly Fisher 1984 Digital File COLOR SILENT 54 mins
Water and Power Its title comes from the Los Angeles water distric... Pat O'Neill 1989 Digital File COLOR SOUND 54 mins
Soft Fiction "Chick Strand's SOFT FICTION is a personal documen... Chick Strand 1979 Digital File B&W SOUND 54 mins
Portrait of a Young Man - Henwar Rodakiewicz Maker: Henwar Rodakiewicz
Original Format: 16mm s...
  1925-1931 Digital File B&W SILENT 56 mins
Where The Chocolate Mountains The Chocolate Mountains lie along the border betwe... Pat O'Neill 2015 Digital File COLOR SOUND 56 mins
Tree of Knowledge (Elective Affinities, Part IV) "It started with filming the tree. Something was r... Larry Gottheim 1981 Digital File COLOR SOUND 57 mins
  The Grand Bizarre   Jodie Mack 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 60 mins
Peed into the Wind Thanks to Mark Ellinger.

An hour-long saga of M...
Curt McDowell 1972 Digital File B&W OPT 60 mins
Hidden in Plain Sight Original music composed by Jane Scarpatoni and Guy... Mark Street 2008 Digital File COLOR SOUND 60 mins
The Illinois Parables A suite of Midwestern parables that question the h... Deborah Stratman 2016 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 60 mins
Un rĂªve solaire The second and latest feature film by Patrick Boka... Patrick Bokanowski 2015-2016 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 63 mins
States of Unbelonging The core of this haunting meditation on war, land,... Lynne Sachs 2006 Digital File COLOR SOUND 63 mins
Your Day Is My Night Blending autobiographical monologues, intimate con... Lynne Sachs 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 64 mins
ARTIFACT (Circa 2006) Consider a world where all human communications ar... Kirk Tougas 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 64 mins
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