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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Revelations "He began to recognize that motion pix could ... Dominic Angerame 2018 Digital File B&W SOUND 24 mins
Film Diary #1: Robert Fulton III This film is a short homage to Bob and his family ... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File B&W SOUND 1.5 mins
  Aleph "Omniscient perspectives shoot vibratory gleams th... Robert E. Fulton 1982 16mm film B&W SILENT 17.5 mins
  Path of Cessation "A transition from a static study of a Nepalese c... Robert E. Fulton 1974 16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 15 mins
Starlight A Tibetan Lama. His disciple. The disciple's wife,... Robert E. Fulton 1970 16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 5 mins
  Swimming Stone Credits: Summit Films.

Fluidity of stone. Subat...
Robert E. Fulton   16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 14 mins
  Vineyard IV Glen Denny observed: "This film is not ocean, it i... Robert E. Fulton   16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 3 mins
  Wilderness: A Country in the Mind Dedicated to Ansel Adams. Directed and filmed by R... Robert E. Fulton 1984 16mm film COLOR OPT 20 mins
Fulton Fish Market New York City's Fulton Fish Market explodes with m... Mark Street 2003 Digital File COLOR SOUND 12 mins
  Fearful Symmetry "Long live dynamic geometry, the movement of point... Michael Wallin 1981 16mm film COLOR SILENT 15 mins
Sasquatch Amongst Us With Lou and Joel Wendt

"Is man the most develo...
Doug Wendt 1973 16mm film B&W OPT 48 mins
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