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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
  Aleph "Omniscient perspectives shoot vibratory gleams th... Robert E. Fulton 1982 16mm film B&W SILENT 17.5 mins
  Fearful Symmetry "Long live dynamic geometry, the movement of point... Michael Wallin 1981 16mm film COLOR SILENT 15 mins
Film Diary #1: Robert Fulton III This film is a short homage to Bob and his family ... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File B&W SOUND 1.5 mins
Fulton Fish Market New York City's Fulton Fish Market explodes with m... Mark Street 2003 Digital File COLOR SOUND 12 mins
  Path of Cessation "A transition from a static study of a Nepalese c... Robert E. Fulton 1974 16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 15 mins
Revelations "He began to recognize that motion pix could ... Dominic Angerame 2018 Digital File B&W SOUND 24 mins
Sasquatch Amongst Us With Lou and Joel Wendt

"Is man the most develo...
Doug Wendt 1973 16mm film B&W OPT 48 mins
Starlight A Tibetan Lama. His disciple. The disciple's wife,... Robert E. Fulton 1970 16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 5 mins
  Swimming Stone Credits: Summit Films.

Fluidity of stone. Subat...
Robert E. Fulton   16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 14 mins
  Vineyard IV Glen Denny observed: "This film is not ocean, it i... Robert E. Fulton   16mm film COLOR/B&W OPT 3 mins
  Wilderness: A Country in the Mind Dedicated to Ansel Adams. Directed and filmed by R... Robert E. Fulton 1984 16mm film COLOR OPT 20 mins
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