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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Bye Bye Now The very gesture of waving HELLO to the movie came... Louise Bourque 2022 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 9.5 mins
By the Sea A film made from my old studio apartment on Telegr... Toney W. Merritt 1982 Digital File COLOR SILENT 2.5 mins
By the Sea Pat O'Neill's first film. In collaboration with Ro... Pat O'Neill 1963 Digital File B&W SOUND 10 mins
By the Lake (Au Bord du Lac) "It is true that the unidentified people being fil... Patrick Bokanowski 1994 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 6 mins
  Bullets for Breakfast "... with the beauty of early Rauschenberg but wit... Holly Fisher 1992 Digital File COLOR SOUND 77 mins
Bulletin An exploded view of a ballistic issue.
With Big P...
Craig Baldwin 2015 Digital File B&W SOUND 6 mins
  Buffalo Diaries An assemblage of sequences of water buffalo and re... Holly Fisher 2008 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 31 mins
Buffalo Common Brown's "Buffalo Common," a wisp of a film at 23 m... Bill Brown 2001 Digital File B&W OPT 23 mins
  Brooklyn Promenade "I did my best to shield my kids from the events o... Mark Street 2001 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Broken Earth - Roman Freulich Maker: Roman Freulich
Assisted by King Gray, Jero...
  1935-1936 Digital File B&W SOUND 11 mins
BreathDeath Dedicated to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. A ... Stan VanDerBeek 1963 Digital File B&W SOUND 14.5 mins
Breakdown A 360 degree pan breaks down as the narrator's mem... Joel Singer 1974 Digital File B&W SOUND 3 mins
Blues "A close continuous view of a bowl of blueberries ... Larry Gottheim 1969 Digital File COLOR SILENT 8.5 mins
Blue Skies Beyond the Looking Glass Ever dance the mambo with silent film stars and Jo... Lawrence Jordan 2006 Digital File COLOR OPT 17 mins
  Blue Movie A smattering of repeated performances culled from ... Mark Street 1994 Digital File COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Blue Movie Blue Movie is an elegiac tribute to the late Juani... Michael Alexander Morris 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 7 mins
Blood Starring Larry Fine, Abbie Herrick, Evan McHale, M... Alexis Krasilovsky 1975 Digital File COLOR SOUND 21 mins
Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn) In Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn) a c... Markus Maicher 2018 Digital File COLOR SILENT 4 mins
Blanket Statement #2: All or Nothing A battle of extreme extremes.
Jodie Mack 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart Is Discordant dysfunction down to the nitty griddy.
Jodie Mack 2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
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