Vanishing Presence: A Program of Films Selected by Mark Wilson – Canyon Cinema Salon, 3/26/2014

Canyon Cinema Salon March 2014: Vanishing Presence

Filmmaker, animator and artist Mark Wilson has been active in the San Francisco Bay area artist-made independent film community for more than twenty years.  For our second Salon, Canyon asked Wilson to curate a selection of works influential to him, as well as those which highlight central concepts in his filmmaking practice.

Vanishing Presence

The films in this program share an emphasis on the human figure and movement, recorded using approaches ranging from single frame time exposures to super slow motion, or even resequenced fragments. In these pieces, movement in time is compressed, prolonged, or seemingly in stasis.  Together these works can be viewed as meditations on human presence and absence–how it is captured, rendered, and perceived through the medium of 16mm film.

Thanatopsis,  Ed Emshwiller (1962) 5min b/w sound
Passage a l’acte,  Martin Arnold (1993) 12min b/w sound
See You Later/ Au revoir,  Michael Snow (1990) 18min color sound
Wait, Ernie Gehr (1968) 7min color silent
Time Being, Gunvor Nelson (1991) 8min b/w silent
Motion Studies, Mark Wilson (1995-1998)  4min b/w silent
Loretta, Jeanne Liotta (2003) 4min color sound

Wednesday, March 26th 2014 – at New Nothing Cinema (16 Sherman Street, off Folsom Street between 6th and 7th Streets in SOMA).

7:00pm- Reception
7:30pm* – Screening and discussion.
*Note: Street entrance locked at 7:30 – please arrive on time.