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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Au Sud (To the South) The specific colors and tones and rhythms of a pla... Sandra Davis 1991 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6.5 mins
Horizontal Boundaries The title Horizontal Boundaries refers to frame li... Pat O'Neill 2008 Digital File COLOR OPT 23.5 mins
The Tree The Tree here is an ancient noble American Elm sta... Henry Hills 2018 Digital File COLOR SILENT 9 mins
Beech Tree (2 screen) The tree is fast becoming an important symbol for ... John Woodman 2020 Digital File COLOR SILENT 26.5 mins
L'imdomptable THE UNTAMEABLE : Fantastic ride
Patrick Bokanowski 2018 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 4 mins
Bye Bye Now The very gesture of waving HELLO to the movie came... Louise Bourque 2022 Digital File - DCP COLOR SOUND 9.5 mins
Sinar Durjana (Wicked Radiance) The video is a dark, abstract, personal vision del... Azian Nurudin 1991 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
Visible Compendium, The THE VISIBLE COMPENDIUM constructs bits of unnamed ... Lawrence Jordan 1991 Digital File COLOR SOUND 15 mins
Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke The visual shows the alternation of the shots of f... Tomonari Nishikawa 2023 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
One Romantic Adventure of Edward, The The young man, played by Stan Brakhage, gets himse... Lawrence Jordan 1956 Digital File B&W SOUND 8 mins
Life During Death Death During Life The zone between life and death is generally the s... Brice Bowman 2020 Digital File COLOR SILENT 7 mins
For a Young Filmmaker / A une jeune cineaste There are two paths in my work as a filmmaker. Mov... Sandra Davis 2014 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Film Diary #9: Water Fall These are the waterfalls in Yosemite National Fore... Dominic Angerame 2024 Digital File B&W SILENT 3.5 mins
Misery Next Time This associative stream of visuals, culled from th... Rajee Samarasinghe 2021 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
There Are No Shadows in East Berlin This experimental time lapse film was shot in East... Kate McCabe 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 14 mins
letters, notes This film brings together found photographs and le... Stephanie Barber 1997 Digital File COLOR SILENT 7 mins
Discount House This film depicts a man in search of a relationshi... Al Wong 1971 Digital File COLOR SOUND 21 mins
Working Class This film depicts the cycle of the City of San Fra... Al Wong 1975 Digital File B&W SOUND 13 mins
DER SPAZIERGANG This film documents long walks throughout Berlin, ... Margaret Rorison 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Light Coins This film is a collaboration between myself, Caryn... Jon Behrens 2018 Digital File COLOR SOUND 4 mins
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