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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
  A Roll for Peter A collective film by: Dominic Angerame, Rod... Canyon Cinema 2016 Digital File B&W SILENT 56 mins
  vulture vulture sets its sight on farm animals and ... Philip Hoffman 2019 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 57 mins
  Deep 1 Deep 1 is a diaristic meditation, flower/pl... Philip Hoffman 2023 Digital File COLOR SOUND 15 mins
  Flowers #3 (Kissed by the Sun) A Procession of herbs "emerge in all their structu... Philip Hoffman 2024 Digital File COLOR SILENT 10 mins
Ancestors Animation. ANCESTORS is a film about spiritual for... Lawrence Jordan 1978 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
Big Sur: The Ladies An "in-camera" document or journalistic writing on... Lawrence Jordan 1966 Digital File COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Old House Passing, The "My own favorite of Jordan's films is THE OLD HOUS... Lawrence Jordan 1967 Digital File B&W SOUND 45 mins
Our Lady of the Sphere Animation. The mystical Lady with the orbital head... Lawrence Jordan 1969 Digital File COLOR SOUND 10 mins
Epicenter U. A first-hand account about healing from natural di... Alexis Krasilovsky 1995 Digital File COLOR SOUND 28 mins
Exile "EXILE portrays the filmmaker's own compelling jou... Alexis Krasilovsky 1984 Digital File COLOR SOUND 28 mins
LA Carwash Soundtrack assistance: Don Lloyd.

A film evolvi...
Janis Crystal Lipzin 1975 Digital File COLOR SOUND 8.5 mins
Periodic Vibrations in an Elastic Medium Discrete images were modeled into a filmic form wh... Janis Crystal Lipzin 1976 Digital File COLOR SILENT 16 mins
Right Eye/Left Eye RIGHT EYE/LEFT EYE was originally exhibited as par... Janis Crystal Lipzin 1984 Digital File COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Truth for Ruth Muffled, inaudible sound and no image to speak of ... Curt McDowell 1972 Digital File B&W OPT 4 mins
Embracable You A grating film whose conception was inspired by eq... Toney W. Merritt 1979 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
Fall Works   Toney W. Merritt 1978 Digital File COLOR/B&W SILENT 4 mins
Game Sometimes it seems that there is more at stake whe... Toney W. Merritt 1973 Digital File B&W SOUND 5 mins
Kiss of Death, A A meditative black-and-white short on the devastat... Toney W. Merritt 1974 Digital File B&W SOUND 9 mins
Lonesome Cowboy   Toney W. Merritt 1979 Digital File B&W SOUND 0.5 mins
Masked Incident "A film exploring the concept that everything isn'... Toney W. Merritt 1979 Digital File B&W SOUND 5.5 mins
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